Yesteryears -- Aug. 1, 2016

07.29.2016 Dean Rhodes History

2011 – Tribal member Jake McKnight graduated from the Oregon Public Safety Academy in Salem. He completed the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training classes to become the first officer of the Grand Ronde Police Department.

2006 – Members of the Grand Ronde Canoe Family along with Chinook Canoe Family members sang an honor song as the community was introduced to Stankiya, the Tribe’s handmade canoe. Stankiya means “change” in Chinuk Wawa.

2001 – Tribal Council Chairwoman Kathryn Harrison took a turn at painting the walls of the new expanded non-smoking section at Spirit Mountain Casino. A grand opening ceremony for the expansion was set for Aug. 8.

1996 – In addition to creating almost 1,000 new jobs in the Grand Ronde area, Spirit Mountain Casino was being credited by local governments with an economic boom in the West Valley. According to a recent article in The Sheridan Sun, eight new businesses have opened in Willamina since the casino opened. “I guess it is a time of growth,” said Willamina Mayor Twila Hill. “I’m sure most of it has to do with the casino. There is going to be an influx of people and money when you put 900 people to work at once.”

1991 – Tina Butler, Courtney Galligher, Amelia Haug, Krystal Schmid, Deana Gardner and Lisa Schmid were candidates for 1991-92 Junior and Senior Miss Grand Ronde.

1986 – Powwow Committee chairs Val Grout and Greg Archuleta were seeking $1 donations from every Tribal member for the Powwow Fund. As of Aug. 7, donations totaled $185.


Yesteryears is a look back at Tribal history in five-year increments through the pages of Smoke Signals.