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Tribe honors 82 graduates during virtual ceremony

06.30.2020 Danielle Frost Education, People
Education Committee member Michael Cherry congratulates Tribal graduates during a virtual ceremony held on Friday, June 19. (Smoke Signals screenshot)


By Danielle Frost

Smoke Signals staff writer

The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde honored 82 graduates earning eighth-grade promotion certificates through doctoral degrees during the Honors and Recognition Graduation Celebration held Friday, June 19.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the ceremony was held virtually. Two videos, one featuring GED and college graduates, and another featuring high school graduates and eighth-grade promotions were streamed on the Grand Ronde Education Programs Facebook page.

The college graduates video began with Tribal Council Secretary Jon A. George offering his congratulations.

“You’ve reached a milestone in your life and you should be proud to say, ‘I did it. I accomplished it.’ Today, graduates of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, you are being honored because you did it, and stuck with it. We can say to you, well done. You gave your all and became an example for your younger siblings and family members, and should be proud of yourself.”

Education Department Manager Angela Fasana welcomed graduates and their families to both virtual celebrations.

“I want to congratulate you on reaching this milestone,” she said. “I want you to know that this department and the Tribe are extremely proud of your success.”

Education Committee Chair Tammy Cook and members Michael Cherry, Shelby Maerz, Chris Mansayon and Michael Herrin also congratulated all of the graduates, along with Education Department staff.

Youth Education Manager Tim Barry said he was proud of all of the students and is looking forward to their next steps.

All graduates’ names will be added to plaques with other graduates that line the wall in the Adult Education Building.  

Tribal graduates honored this year were:

Eighth grade: Kaileighann Taylor, Leo Norwest, Jaiden-Sky Quintero, Kihya Ann Bailey, Sequoia Ream, Tasina Bluehorse,

Addie Moreland, Benjamin Powley, Thunder Hurtado, Dameion Trump-Torres, Elisabeth Becker, Cohen Haller, Ethan Sabin, Jacob Holmes, Kazsia       Connelly, Quentin McCormick, Anavey Smith, Seq'hiya "Pippy” Simmons, Kaiya Pearsall, Natalie Martinez, Daneyella Davis and Anne Page.

High school: Ce'c West, Madison Davidson, Hunter Brewer, Ethan Leno, Jacob Shandy, Jaclyn Markey, Tori       Hirata, Genevieve Hughes, Edi Larsen, Payton Leno, Christopher        Tarring, Aundrea Cooney, Sedona Williams, Iyana Holmes, KC Volz, Alexis Simpson, Alex Ventriglia, Dylan Larson, Elizabeth Watson-Croy, Frankin Norwest, Keetzon Walker, Madison Ross, Nakoa Mercier, Tabor Cain, Risa        Plummer, Joshua Henry and Benjamin Halo Ankeney. 

GED: Hunter Campbell, Kristopher Cureton, Isaiah Holmes, Skyler Hunt, Julian Lane, Rebecca Marr, Nikkali Reichlein, Cody Watson and Jennie Young.

Certificates: Amy Valentine.

Associate degrees: Rayna Hutton, Nick LaBonte, Bethany McKnight, Hope Pichette, Stephanie Rosas, Jamie Schlosser and Astashia Trevino. 

Bachelor’s degrees: Alejandrina Aguilar, Tyler Bassett, Myranda Bradshaw, Shane Cooney, Todd Gregg, Brandon Grout, Kamiah Koch, Cassandra Korn, Rylie Lawrence, Joshua McCool, Christina Morgan, Olivia Morrow, Debbie Ream, ChyAnn Schlappie, Merri StanCliffe, Eli Steadman, Shane Thomas, Tajia Ulestad and Sharon Williams.   

Master’s degrees: Synon Allen, Cheyanne Fasana-Heidt, Meagan Flier, Justine Flynn, Kerriana Freeney, Shawn Haggerty, Michael Herrin, Nakoosa Moreland, Melissa Palanuk-Mercier and Natalie Thomas.

Doctorate degree: Kayla Spohn.

Those who earned a GED, certificate or associate degree will receive a Pendleton saddle blanket. Bachelor degree graduates will receive a Pendleton blanket and those with graduate degrees will receive a Pendleton logo blanket and carved paddle.