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Smoke Signals posts seven candidate interview podcasts

07.29.2019 Dean Rhodes Tribal Council, Elections

Still unsure about who you will vote for in the Sept. 7 Tribal Council election? Smoke Signals can help you decide!

Seven Tribal Council interviews have been posted at, Smoke Signals’ podcasting host website. The interviews can be found by searching for “Smoke Signals podcasts” or by clicking on the links added to the newspaper’s Facebook page.

Tribal incumbents Kathleen George, Denise Harvey and Jack Giffen Jr. and challengers Reyn Leno, Peter Grout, Victor Cureton and Lewis Younger sat down with Smoke Signals staff members Dean Rhodes and Jennifer Clark for interviews.

Candidates discussed such issues as economic development, a Tribal free press and how much of a voice the general membership should have in Tribal Council decision-making.

For more information, contact Rhodes at or call 503-879-1418 or Jennifer Clark at or 503-879-1461.