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Scammers invoking Chachalu to obtain illicit donations

08.08.2018 Danielle Frost Public Safety

By Danielle Frost

If you receive an e-mail or letter asking for donations or membership dues to the Tribe’s Chachalu Musuem & Cultural Center, beware.

“E-mails have been sent by scammers to request payment of membership dues and possibly donations to support the Tribe’s Chachalu Museum. We propose debunking this scam by putting the word out on the Tribe’s websites and social media,” stated an e-mail sent by Audit Director Trudi Yoshikawa on Wednesday, Aug. 8.

The scam was first discovered Tuesday, Aug. 7, when museum staff received a call asking if Chachalu staff were sending out letters or e-mails asking for membership dues.

Staff members are not sending these out and the request is a scam.