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Student Success Night honors students

02.28.2018 Dean Rhodes Education, Events

A third annual Student Success Night held Thursday, Feb. 22, in the Tribal gym honored more than 100 Native students who attend Willamina and Sheridan schools for academic performance, outstanding leadership and excellent attendance.

The night is part of an effort by the Grand Ronde Tribe and local school districts to encourage students to excel at school work and go to school.

Excellent attendance is defined as having attended 95 percent or better of classes during the semester and having less than four absences, four tardies and four early pick-ups.

Cultural Resources Department employees Bobby and Jordan Mercier and Canoe Family members sang and blessed the food. Youth Council Coordinator Shannon Simi and Youth Council members volunteered to serve the food.

Youth Prevention staff members helped prepare dinner, as well as serve and helped with student gifts.

Families, Tribal Council members and Education Committee members were invited to the event.

Students recognized for academic excellence were:

Kindergarten-fifth grade: Aven Cox, Meleena Montano, Landon Langley, Danilo Contreras, Logan Kneeland, Nya Galloway, Chenoa Freeman, Summer LaBonte, Micah Bruckner, Keahi Duran, Orrin Reid, Cohen Haller, Mae Townsend, Summer Townsend, Gracie Mercier, Lily Bigelow, Michael Smith, Michaeli Mercier, Mikayla Mercier, John Marrufo, Cheyenne Haller, Trey Norton, Keylie Runningbird, Kiah Runningbird, Carter Felton, Ben Moore, Aleena Leno, Stephen Haller, Devin Doar, Rylee Bishop, Sadie Risseeuw, Landon Risseeuw, Paisley Risseeuw, Wyatt Hubbell, Cohlman Hubbell, Hudson Colman and Naomi Haller.

Middle School: 4:0: Kaleigha Simi and Kylie Smith; 3.5-3.9: Lilliana LaBonte, Hattie Mercier, Mason Mercier, Kady Smith, Jacey Smith, Nicky Ventrigula and Aryana Murphey-LaChance; 3.0-3.4: Brooklyn Bailey, Talia Marrufo, Aleah Patterson and Madalynn Montano.

High School: 4.0: Jordan Reyes and Moses Mercier; 3.5-3.9: Madison Aaron, Isabelle Grout, Darien Leno, Amaryssa Mooney, Makayla Parker, Trinity Sherwood and Hannah McCallister; 3.0-3.4: Conrad Farmer, Keeton Walker, Makenzie Aaron, Kaleb Reid, JC Rogers, Lily Baker, Hunter Latham and Ezra Pacheco.

Students recognized for outstanding leadership were Micah Baker and Keahi Duran, elementary; Onahzay Pacheco and PJ Cureton, middle school; and Tessa Gilbert and Nakoa Mercier, high school.

Sheridan students recognized for excellent attendance were:

High school: Taylor Huffman and Izika Pacheco.

Middle school: Lio Norwest, Azen Pacheco and Onahzay Pacheco.

Elementary school: Chloe Ayala, Camron Morris, MaKenzy Hoopingarner and Sean Gerbrandt, perfect; Jayden LaBonte, Caden Meneley, Rayauna Meneley, Aleena Short, Meleena Montano, Cheyenne Haller, Imarianah VanScoyk, Robert Haller, Brooklyn Short, Mikayla Mercier and Marcie Ayala.

Willamina students recognized for excellent attendance were:

Kindergarten: Kalea Liebelt, Jack Mercier and Taylor Ruggles. Honorable mention: Leonidas Pond.

First grade: Tiberius Bailey, Riana Cain, Cohlman Hubbell, Logan Kneeland, Auburn Mercier, Kaleb Rife and Paisley Risseeuw. Honorable mention: Body Lux and Kaywah Norwest.

Second grade: Micah Bruckner, Mali’la Grefsrud-Norwest, Brayden Hibdon, Summer LaBonte, Clara Morton, Bailey Murphy, Stephen Sanchez-Haller and Libby Ellingson.

Third grade: Ezri Bailey, Redsky Clawson, Wyatt Hubbell, Konner Hyatt, Samuel Lancour-Joles, Aleena Leno, Aliya Many Hides, Ke’Lani Martinez, Natilynn Mercier, Benjamin Moore, Landon Risseeuw, Ekias Sabin, Tidus Sabin, Nicholas Thayer and Nacoma Liebelt.

Fourth grade: Paige Baker, Lily Bigelow, Aiden Campbell, Chenoa Freeman, Amaya George, Corben Hibdon, Bobby Larsen, Bryson Leno, John Marrufo, Jadin Morton, Lily Runningbird, Dominic Shaw and Jadin Younger.

Fifth grade: Makayajay Grefsrud-Norwest, Grace Lancour-Joles, Austin Langley, Gracie Mercier, Kaikanim Mercier, Sadie Risseeuw and Joseph Trammell. Honorable mention: Sammy Bishop, Haley Maerz and Lacey Haller.

Sixth grade: Jaylynn Hibdon, Jacob Holmes, Rihanna Many Hides, Ethan Sabin and Haley Klass. Honorable mention: Kazsia Connelly.

Seventh grade: Christopher Ellingson, Bryanah Lopez, Hattie Mercier, Mason Mercier and Sage Runningbird. Honorable mention: Gage Bishop.

Eighth grade: Grace France and Nakai Rock. Honorable mention: Talia Marrufo.

Ninth grade: Dominik Briant, Vivyan Lopez and Bryce Mode. Honorable mention: Amelia Mooney.

10th grade: Tabor Cain, Timothy Murphy LaChance, Keeton Walker and Zorien Klass. Honorable mention: Dylan Larsen, Nakoa Mercier and Emma Shrabel.

11th grade: Jordan Reyes and Trinity Sherwood. Honorable mention: Grave Gibbons.

12th grade: True Gibbons and Hannah McCallister. Honorable mention: Hunter Latham and Alexander Klass.