Warms Springs Tribal member Karlen Yallup named new Hatfield Fellow

By Angela Sears

Community Fund program coordinator

Karlen Yallup, a member of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, has been selected as the 2017-18 Hatfield Fellow and will begin her fellowship with a month-long orientation at the American Political Science Association in Washington, D.C., in November before working in Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden’s office.

Yallup is a graduate of the University of Idaho where she received a bachelor of science degree in Forest Resources, and Fire Ecology and Management.

The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde established the Mark O. Hatfield Fellowship in 1998 as a tribute to the Oregon senator who played an instrumental role in the Tribe’s 1983 Restoration.

Spirit Mountain Community Fund annually sponsors a highly motivated and capable Native American to serve as the Hatfield Fellow, who works as an intern in a congressional office for eight months. Placement of the fellow has traditionally rotated through the Oregon congressional delegation to enhance the mutual understanding between federal leadership in Washington, D.C., and Indian Country.

Wyden has been active in Oregon’s Native American communities and recently held town hall meetings in Grand Ronde and Warm Springs.

“The Hatfield Fellowship honors the senator’s contributions to our Tribe and ensures his legacy of integrity and effectiveness is carried on,” Community Fund Executive Director Mychal Cherry said. “Our Fellows are given an invaluable opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of how to navigate the political process in Washington, D.C., while representing Indian Country and working on issues that directly affect Native Americans.”

Yallup said she plans to attend law school in 2018. She recently completed a congressional internship with the Udall Foundation where she served in Arizona Sen. John McCain’s office.

She said she has a passion for the conservation and preservation of natural resources, and she strives to be a voice for Native people. She also said she hopes to have an opportunity to address poverty and educational issues in Indian Country.

Yallup was introduced as the new Hatfield Fellow during a meet-and-greet event held Friday, Sept. 8, in the Governance Center Atrium.

Yallup is the 18th Hatfield Fellow since the founding of the program.


Past Hatfield Fellows

1998: Pete Wakeland (Grand Ronde)

1999: Direlle Calica (Warm Springs)

2000: Alyssa Macy (Warm Springs)

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2003: Bryan Mercier (Grand Ronde)

2004: Joseph Hostler (Grand Ronde)

2006: Dennis Worden (Coeur d’Alene)

2007: Rebecca Knight (Grand Ronde)

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2009: Stacia Martin (Grand Ronde)

2010: Shana Radford (Nez Perce)

2011-12: Darrel L. Lawrence (Grand Ronde)

2013-14: Rudy Soto (Sho-Ban)

2014-15: Mary Bodine (Warm Springs)

2015-16: Maria Givens (Coeur d’Alene)

2016-17: Robert Ahern (Warm Springs)