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Letters to the Editor -- April 1, 2017

03.30.2017 Dean Rhodes Letters

Dear Smoke Signals:

My children – Marlyn Connelly, Trena Towner, Miranda Cloud and Ukiah Lamboy – along with my grandchildren – Kitana Connelly, Kai Connelly, Kazsia Connelly, Shania Towner, Izaya Towner, Tabor Cain, Riaha Cain and Ava Lamboy – thank you Gregg Leno and the groundskeeping employees; thank you Tribal Council; thank you Tribal Elders Activity Center for all your warm, hospitable understandings that you have expressed for us and my brother Scotty Lane’s celebration of life ceremony.

Hayu masi wauoka kola oyata aho

Sonya Connelly

Roll # 2827