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Tribal Council OKs enrollment of 22 new members

03.24.2016 Dean Rhodes Tribal Council, Enrollment

Tribal Council approved the enrollment of 22 people into the Tribe during its Wednesday, March 23, meeting.

The 22 new members included 21 non-infants and one infant who meet the provisions for enrollment outlined in the Tribal Enrollment Ordinance and Tribal Constitution.

In other action, Tribal Council approved the contract for the April 3 General Council meeting that will be held at the Valley River Inn in Eugene. The program report will be from Emergency Management.

Tribal Council also approved applying for a two-year Administration for Native Americans’ Social Economic Development Strategies grant that would be used for preservation and education to renovate the Depot, process and curate a backlog of artifacts and assist with the development of two exhibit areas at Chachalu Museum & Cultural Center. If received, the Tribe would receive $730,113 over the two years.

Also included in the March 23 Tribal Council packet was a staff directive requesting the Tribe’s Information Services Department to research the possibility of live audio streaming Tribal Council work sessions with the live stream still subject to rules of confidentiality, such as executive session and attorney-client privileges.

The meeting, in its entirety, can be viewed by visiting the Tribal website at, clicking on the News tab and then Video.