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Tribal Council votes to enroll 16 news members into Tribe

12.13.2013 Ron Karten Tribal Council, Enrollment

Tribal Council voted to enroll 16 people into the Tribe at its Dec. 4 meeting.

The enrollments of 15 adults and one infant into the Tribe were approved. Two of the adults were Tribal members who had previously been disenrolled, but now meet the enrollment requirements outlined in the Tribal Constitution and Enrollment Ordinance.

Also on Dec. 4, Tribal Council announced it has suspended live streaming of meetings on the Tribal Web site. Tribal Council Chairman Reyn Leno read a statement regarding the decision.

"Tribal Council decided to begin live streaming in order to provide timely access to the Tribal membership about Tribal Council business," Leno said. "Concerns about broadcasts going to an audience beyond the membership have prompted Tribal Council to halt live streaming at this time. The council has a fiduciary obligation to protect Tribal assets. With our current technology, we cannot limit the broadcast to Tribal members only. Until further notice, meetings will be recorded and uploaded to the Tribal Web site in a timely manner.

"DVDs of meetings (indicating whether they have been edited or not) will be available for a cost of $5 each. These DVDs will be available to Tribal members from Tribal Council Executive Coordinator Stacia Martin."

The staff directive suspending the live broadcasting of the meetings on the Internet was approved on Nov. 26 by five Tribal Council members.

In other action on Dec. 4, Tribal Council:

  • Approved Tribal grant agreements with the state to provide funds for operation of Health Preparedness and Public Health Emergency Preparedness program activities.
  • Appointed Tribal member Bryan Mercier to the Grand Ronde Gaming Commission. He will serve out the remainder of the term left vacant when Denise Harvey was elected to Tribal Council in September.
  • Appointed Charles Schwab Bank as the trustee of the trust established as part of the Tribe's retirement plan.

Also included in the Dec. 4 Tribal Council packet was an authorization to proceed for Oregon State University graduate student Mike Jager to shoot footage and develop an iBook on the Tribe's 30th Restoration Celebration held Nov. 22-23. The iBook will be available in the iTunes library.

In addition, Tribal Council moved its regularly scheduled Jan. 1 meeting to Monday, Dec. 30, to accommodate the New Year's Day holiday and OK'd allocating $9,000 to each Tribal Council member for individual travel expenses in 2014.

"After a member's $9,000 is expended, Tribal Council members must receive written authorization from a majority of council to incur additional travel expenses," the authorization to proceed states.

Tribal members Jordan Mercier, Jade Unger and Tribal Council member Jon A. George opened the meeting with a cultural drumming presentation.