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Letters to the Editor -- Oct. 15, 2013

10.14.2013 Ron Karten Letters

Dear Smoke Signals:
April Campbell said "This project has been long overdue." I'll say.
In my fourth-grade class with Mrs. Johnson at Willamina Elementary School, it would have been timely, to say the least, for us to have an historic curriculum as described in your Sept. 15 issue. That was the school year 1952-53.
We were ultimately "integrated" quite well in high school years with classroom, activities and sports. But the adult community was not as well adjusted in the aftermath of the 1954 Termination. Elders will have some stories which may or may not be forgotten. Most of us were oblivious in those years.
I personally was enlightened with my in-law association to Marvin Kimsey, who, of course, was so instrumental to the Restoration process. I had no idea the consequences of history until I saw the work that had been done by Marvin and the others.
Additionally, at some time I cannot pinpoint, I read the historic chronology authored by Dee Brown, "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (An Indian History of the American West)." Boy, is that ever an eye-opener!
So, good work, April Campbell. Good luck in your next job!
I suggest that parts of Grand Ronde Road might be redesignated MLK Boulevard (Marvin Loren Kimsey) to never forget what was done for Restoration, particularly the stretch from Highway 18 to Andy Riggs Road would not be difficult, to give that honor and to preserve history.