Oregon Republicans, Democrats oppose casino measures

In a rare showing of bipartisan agreement, both the Oregon Republican Party and the Democratic Party of Oregon are recommending "no" votes on Measures 82 and 83.

The two complementary measures would amend the state Constitution to allow private casinos in the state and would specifically permit one to be built at the shuddered greyhound race track in Wood Village.

On its Web page,, the Republican Party urges a "no" vote on 82. "The Oregon Republican Party supports job creating private enterprise, but we believe that casino gaming should not be expanded."

Regarding Measure 83, the Republican Party said, "We believe that casino gaming should not be expanded and that government should not be picking winners and losers in the private sector."

The Democratic Party of Oregon was much more succinct in their assessment of the two measures, merely urging a "no" vote on both although some news reports said Democrats expressed concern that a private casino would take money away from Oregon's nine federally recognized Tribes.

The two major political parties join one current and three former Oregon governors in saying the measures are bad public policy and break the state's promise to Oregon Tribes.

Gov. John Kitzhaber and Vic Atiyeh, Barbara Roberts and Ted Kulongoski have all announced their opposition to the measures.