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Candidates Forum attracts 15 of 17 Tribal Council hopefuls

08.12.2011 Dean Rhodes Tribal Council, Elections

About 50 Tribal members attended the July 27 Tribal Council Candidates Forum held in the Tribal gymnasium while 15 of 17 candidates running for three Tribal Council positions attended and answered questions.

As indicated by the questions, per capita and enrollment led the list of concerns. Questions also asked about giving more decision-making input to the General Membership, about making the Tribal Council process more transparent and about the ethical responsibilities of Tribal Council members.

One asked if those running for Tribal Council would be willing to punch a time clock, and another asked, "How many promises that you make when running for office are you going to keep if you are elected?"

As at previous events, candidates first introduced themselves, then answered questions selected randomly from many written down by Tribal members in the audience. Finally, all made a closing statement.

Questions written by Tribal members were deposited into and selected from a cardboard box. Some questions were drawn more than once.

Each question was drawn by Tribal member and Public Affairs Administrative Assistant Kristen Ravia and presented for one candidate to answer.

The Public Affairs office also provided lunch boxes for those attending.

Tribal member and Executive Officer Chris Leno was master of ceremonies.

The Tribal Council Candidates Forum was filmed by the Tribe's Information Systems Department and can be viewed on the Tribal Web site at under the "Videos" tab.

Tribal election ballots were mailed out in the last week of July and Tribal Election Day is Saturday, Sept. 10.