Health & Wellness to offer commemorative nameplates

04.13.2018 Danielle Frost Culture, Health & Wellness

By Danielle Frost

The Health & Wellness Center soon will be offering engraved nameplates for purchase.

The commemorative nameplates will be placed behind a Chinook burl wood bowl carving created by Cultural Education Specialist Brian Krehbiel for the October 2017 20th anniversary celebration. It is located inside the clinic atrium on the first floor.

Cultural Advisor Bobby Mercier and Cultural Education Coordinator Jordan Mercier also collaborated on the carving’s creation.

Health Services Executive Director Kelly Rowe said that approximately 100 nameplates will be available for $10 to $25.

“We wanted to keep going with the tradition established with the memory bricks at the front entrance when the clinic opened in 1997,” Rowe said. “But since the bricks are finite, this is how we decided on the idea of placing plates behind the artwork. This is something we are hoping extends that honor of the bricks to the inside of the building.”

Health & Wellness Center staff are figuring out the logistics as far as timing and engraving, but wanted to get the word out.

“Whatever proceeds we have left over will be donated back into the community,” Rowe said. “I am guessing these will probably sell out pretty fast.”

Commemorative nameplates are another way of bringing more of the Grand Ronde culture inside the building and distinguishing it from other clinics, Rowe said.

“I want to showcase that as much possible,” she said. “This is not a typical white-walled building. I want to keep the honor alive.”

For more information or to inquire about purchasing a nameplate, contact Administrative Assistant Jaime Givens at 503-879-1407 or