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Grand Ronde Police Log -- Jan. 28 through Feb. 11, 2017

02.14.2017 Dean Rhodes Public Safety

Saturday, Jan. 28

  • Citizen contact regarding a DMV license suspension. Officers answered questions about getting the license reinstated.

  • Officers continued to investigate a theft that occurred from a wallet at Spirit Mountain Casino. Case was closed due to lack of leads.

  • Police continued to investigate a stolen license plate from 2016. The suspect was arrested by another agency on a parole violation, and officers contacted that agency to contact the suspect.

  • An alarm was set off in the Tribal gym. It was an accidental activation by employees.

  • A theft of winnings was reported at Spirit Mountain Casino, but the victim decided not to pursue charges.

  • Cocaine was located at Spirit Mountain Casino. No suspect was located. The drugs were seized for destruction.

Sunday, Jan. 29

  • Officers recovered the gym equipment that was stolen on Jan. 24. The suspect also gave an apology letter to police to give to the Tribe.

  • Citizen contact at the Police Department: Citizen had questions about a citation he had received from Lincoln City police. Was directed to their courts to resolve the issue.

Monday, Jan. 30

  • Police returned the stolen gym equipment and apology letter to Tribal gym staff.

  • Officers patrolled Big Bear Campground and other Agency Creek roads. Road conditions were good and there were no campers.

  • Child abuse complaint received by Child Services. Police investigated and found the incident occurred in Yamhill County. Yamhill County deputies already had a case open.

  • Traffic assist on Highway 18: A woman with a walker was attempting to change a tire. Officers assisted the woman with changing her tire.

  • Tribal police assisted Polk County on a domestic disturbance near Grand Ronde. Polk County investigated and determined no laws had been broken.

  • Tribal police responded to Willamina to cover Yamhill County deputies on a domestic disturbance call. It ended up being a medication issue. One resident was transported to the hospital.

Tuesday, Jan. 31

  • Citizen contact on Grand Ronde Road. Police were asked directions to the Tribal Employment Services building by someone applying for a job. Police assisted with giving directions.

  • Suspicious person call at Spirit Mountain Casino: Security and Surveillance called Tribal police regarding a wanted subject possibly being seen at the casino. The subject was contacted by officers, and while the subject initially appeared to be a match, it was determined that it was not the wanted subject.

  • Citizen contact by phone regarding civil issues.

  • Driving complaint regarding a possible DUII driver. Police were unable to locate the driver.

  • Tribal police were requested to respond to Sheridan to assist Yamhill County deputies with a bar fight in progress. While en route, the request was cancelled due to deputies having the situation under control.

  • Domestic disturbance at Spirit Mountain Casino. Officers investigated and determined no laws had been broken.

Wednesday, Feb. 1

  • Smoke alarm at the Community Center. False alarm.

  • Driving complaint on Highway 18. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

  • Driving complaint on Hebo Road. Tribal officer was at the reported location when the call came in and did not see the vehicle.

  • Lost dog located on Agency Creek Road. Officers and Natural Resources were unable to locate the owner. Dog was given to Yamhill County Dog Control.

  • A stolen vehicle was recovered by Tribal police.

  • Tribal police assisted a motorist who ran out of gas.

  • Alarm in Housing due to a medical issue. Medics transported one person to the hospital.

  • Driving complaint on Highway 18. Police located the vehicle and driver at the casino, and determined they were not impaired.

Thursday, Feb. 2

  • Citizen contact at the convenience store. Citizen missed the bus. Police gave the citizen a ride home.

  • Police continued to investigate a theft that occurred at the casino in early January. Police recovered the stolen money and returned it to the victim.

  • Tribal police were requested to assist Polk County on a possible stolen vehicle. Police responded and assisted. The vehicle ended up not being stolen.

  • Motorist assist at the junction of Hebo Road and Highway 18: A vehicle stopped suddenly due to its transmission going out. Officers waited with the driver until AAA came out.

Friday, Feb. 3

  • Citizen contact regarding speed limits. Police answered questions.

  • Trespass call on Tribal property. Police responded and found an unoccupied vehicle. Police attempted to locate the owner of the vehicle, but were unable to. The vehicle was later moved.

Saturday, Feb. 4

  • Welfare check: Tribal police assisted a landlord who had a missing tenant. Officers checked on the tenant who appeared to be in good health.

Sunday, Feb 5

  • Child custody issue in Tribal Housing. Officers advised each parent that it was a civil issue that would need to be resolved by the courts, not by calling the police.

  • A citizen called Tribal police for advice on what to do in case the power goes out.

  • Suspicious individuals were loitering in the Grand Ronde Station parking lot and left after police contacted them. Employees advised police that the individuals had been loitering there late at night on multiple occasions.

  • Domestic disturbance reported in Tribal Housing. Tribal police responded and Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded as backup. The issue was between the same parents from the earlier child custody issue, and both had called 911 and complained that the other parent had grabbed the child from their arms, and a third party had left with the child to Willamina. Yamhill County Sheriff’s deputies checked on the child in Willamina while Tribal police investigated. The child was located in good health and the investigation determined no crime had occurred.

  • Tribal police were called to Spirit Mountain Casino for a report of people smoking marijuana in their vehicle. The individuals were contacted and warned not to consume marijuana on Tribal land.

  • Multiple calls were received by Polk County Sheriff’s Office and Tribal police regarding a group of four males fighting in Spirit Mountain Casino and along the highway. Tribal police located the males at Grand Ronde Station after they returned there and the fight became physical. One male was detained at Taser-point after being aggressive with Tribal police. Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived and assisted Tribal police. Two males were charged with disorderly conduct and trespassed from casino property indefinitely.

  • Tribal police responded and assisted Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies with a welfare check on a male who was slumped over at the wheel of a vehicle for hours on Yamhill River Road. The male was OK and was just tired.

  • Tribal police located a vehicle at Fort Yamhill State Park/Uyxat Powwow Grounds after dark. The vehicle had two individuals engaging in intimate behavior and they were warned to leave.

Monday, Feb. 6

  • Accidental alarm activation at the Tribal Health & Wellness building.

  • Tribal police were flagged down on Grand Ronde Road. An elderly male had fallen on Grand Ronde Road and was not getting up. Police responded as well as Health & Wellness staff, who assisted the male.

  • A $250 ladder was reported stolen in the area of McPherson Road.

  • A citizen reported seeing a bicycle in Tribal Housing that looked like one that had been reported stolen in 2012. The serial numbers were compared and the bicycle was found to not be stolen.

  • Tribal police assisted Oregon State Police with an abandoned recreational vehicle on Highway 18.

  • A jacket was reported stolen at Spirit Mountain Casino. The suspect was identified and warned to return the jacket or face arrest. Officers still investigating.

Tuesday, Feb. 7

  • Tribal police located and arrested a male with an outstanding arrest warrant in the Tribal governance area.

  • Tribal police attempted to locate a possible DUII driver that was called in.

Wednesday, Feb. 8

  • Tribal police and Tribal Children & Family Services both received a report regarding a possible domestic assault that had occurred in Tribal Housing over the weekend. CFS and Tribal police investigated and found the report unfounded.

  • Tribal police responded to a traffic crash on Hebo Road near Kissing Rock. Tribal police assisted Oregon State Police and paramedics.

  • A panic alarm was activated accidently by an employee.

  • Tribal police assisted Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office deputies with contacting suspects in one of their investigations.

  • Tribal police responded to and assisted with a traffic crash on Highway 18. A vehicle went into the embankment.

  • Tribal police were requested to provide backup to Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office deputies regarding a disturbed individual. Officers were advised to cancel after Yamhill County discovered the individual was calling from California.

  • Tribal police assisted with a vehicle crash on Highway 18 after trees fell onto vehicles in the storm. Officers assisted Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies and the Oregon Department of Transportation with the crash.

Thursday, Feb. 9

  • False alarm in Tribal Governance due to employee error.

  • Tribal police assisted Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies with a disturbed individual in Grand Ronde. The individual decided to go voluntarily to the hospital.

  • Tribal police assisted Polk County Sheriff’s deputies with a disturbance on Highway 18 in Grand Ronde.

  • A disturbance was reported at Spirit Mountain Casino. A female was threatening security officers. Tribal police responded, found out the female had an outstanding warrant and arrested her.

  • Drug paraphernalia was reported at Spirit Mountain Casino. Officers investigated and seized the paraphernalia.

Friday, Feb. 10

  • Traffic crash in the Spirit Mountain Casino parking lot. Two drivers crashed into each other while looking for parking.

  • Driving complaint on Highway 18 regarding a driver swerving. Tribal police located the vehicle and determined the driver was not impaired.

  • Another driving complaint was received, but Tribal police were unable to locate the vehicle.

  • A female reported being threatened by a former significant other at Spirit Mountain Casino. Tribal police responded and investigated. A male was arrested for violating a restraining order and being in possession of firearms in violation of a court order.

  • A cell phone was reported stolen at Spirit Mountain Casino.

Saturday, Feb. 11

  • A citizen called and reported a theft of a wallet in January. Officers are investigating.

  • A traffic complaint was called in regarding a possible DUII driver in the area. Police did not locate the vehicle.

  • A citizen called regarding another citizen walking on the highway.

  • Police located and arrested the suspect in the cell phone theft from Feb. 10. The cell phone was recovered and later returned to the victim.

  • Casino security called regarding a male attempting to use a forged ID at Spirit Mountain Casino. Tribal police investigated and arrested a male on charges of possession of methamphetamine, possession of an illegal weapon, ID theft and other fraud-related charges.