Yesteryears -- Dec. 1, 2016

11.30.2016 Dean Rhodes History

2011 – Tribal voters rejected a bundled proposal to overhaul enrollment requirements during the Nov. 15 constitutional election. The vote was 536 against and 457 in favor, for a 54-46 percent split.

2006 – Spirit Mountain Community Fund donated $4,500 to the Mount Angel Glockenspiel Project and a Kalapuyan brave in a praying position is the first figure displayed in the clock’s rotation. The Grand Ronde Canoe Family also is represented with one of its honor songs played in the background music.

2001 – Arlene Giffen-Beck, Louise Medeiros and Ruby Bigoni were appointed to serve on the Elders Committee.

1996 – Tribal students Joe Mercier, Brandy Leno, Ben Bishop, Jason Greenlaw, Sol George, Rachel Towner, Tara Leno, Dustin Billings, Erica Mercier and Brian Krehbiel visited Oregon State University in Corvallis as part of the school’s Native American Student Visitation Day.

1991 – The Tribe celebrated its eighth anniversary of Restoration with a day of festivities held at St. Michael’s Catholic Church. The traditional feast was followed by speakers and a powwow.

1986 – The annual Christmas Party was scheduled for the afternoon of Dec. 20 in the Grand Ronde Elementary School. A potluck was scheduled for 1 p.m. followed by the arrival of Santa Claus at 3:30. In addition, there was a coloring contest, games for children and door prizes.


Yesteryears is a look back at Tribal history in five-year increments through the pages of Smoke Signals.