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Tribal police dog Nixwa put down to stop attack

03.21.2016 Dean Rhodes Public Safety

By Dean Rhodes
Smoke Signals editor
Tribal K-9 Officer Nixwa was put down while attacking the family members of a Grand Ronde police officer on Sunday, March 20, in Otis outside of Lincoln City.
The police officer had been caring for Nixwa for about a month at his home.
“Yesterday, a tragedy occurred when a Tribal police dog bit family members of one of our Tribal police officers,” said a statement released by Tribal Council. “Our thoughts and hopes for a speedy recovery are with those who were injured. The Grand Ronde Tribal Police are working with other local authorities to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident.
“When animals are involved, no matter how well-trained, there is always a measure of unpredictability and action must be taken to protect all involved. During the course of the attack it became necessary to put the dog down to cease the attack. We expect a full report in the days to come. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected by this tragic incident.”
Nixwa was selected in January 2014 from among three dogs at Adlerhorst International Kennels in Riverside, Calif., to join the Grand Ronde Police Department. Nixwa, which is Chinuk wawa for “show me,” was certified by the National Police Canine Association and Oregon Police Canine Association in 2014 for drug detection.
Nixwa was a Belgian Malinois and was about 5 years old.