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Tribal Council: Tribe will remain a drug-free workplace, community

On July 1, 2015, Measure 91 took effect.  The use and possession of recreational marijuana will be decriminalized in Oregon.  Measure 91 does not apply to the Tribe.  The Tribe is a sovereign nation. 

 In 2014, the Tribe began looking closely at the question of recreational marijuana use, believing the issue would be on the November ballot in Oregon.  After the November election, the Tribe issued a statement advising it would continue to examine the issue of marijuana use, but until the Tribal Council decided otherwise, the use and possession of marijuana on the Grand Ronde Reservation would be illegal.

 After considerable work evaluating questions involving marijuana use, both before and after the November election, the Tribal Council has determined that the Tribal government and enterprises – like Spirit Mountain Casino – will remain Drug Free Workplaces.  Neither the cultivation nor use of marijuana will be permitted on the Reservation and, in housing units, the use, possession, and cultivation of marijuana will not be allowed.  The Tribe will use available tools such as state criminal citations for public use, Tribal trespass, and housing evictions to enforce this policy.  Spirit Mountain Casino has posted signs stating that marijuana is not permitted in the casino and lodge.  Lodge guests will be charged a room cleaning fee and asked to leave if they violate this policy.  Employee drug testing policies for both the Casino and Tribal government will provide for random drug testing for safety sensitive positions plus pre-employment, post-accident, and reasonable-suspicion testing for all employees. 

 The Tribe will continue to monitor the impact of Measure 91, the effect it has on our Community, and the effectiveness of Tribal policies and procedures in dealing with marijuana and other drug use.