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Tribal Police ready to issue concealed carry permits

10.30.2014 Ron Karten Public safety

Smokes Signals editor

With the passage of a new Tribal Public Safety Ordinance that went into effect on Thursday, Oct. 16, the Grand Ronde Police Department is preparing to start issuing concealed carry permits on Tribal lands.

The revised Public Safety Ordinance, adopted by Tribal Council on Sept. 24, transfers the authority to issue concealed carry permits from Tribal Court to the Police Department.

"The obligation used to rest with the Tribal Court, but in anticipation of the move of the responsibility to the Police Department, existing permits were not renewed," said Tribal Police Records and Evidence Technician Mindy Lane.

Lane said the Police Department has received one application and there were four other applications pending.

The biggest caveat in obtaining a Tribal concealed carry permit is that applicants must already possess a valid concealed carry permit or concealed handgun license issued by an Oregon county.

Lane said that applications will be taken by appointment only and the Police Department must take a photo, obtain a signature and make copies of identity documents.

"The application process from start to finish takes about two weeks, including performing and reviewing the necessary background checks," Lane said.

Tribal concealed carry permits are valid only on designated Grand Ronde lands. Permit holders are not allowed to carry into any Tribal building, any location or event where Tribal business is being conducted or into Spirit Mountain Casino.

However, special endorsements may be granted by Police Chief Al LaChance under certain circumstances on a case-by-case basis only.

"Applicants who hold current stalking or restraining orders against another person may request special endorsements for their permits, which would allow them to carry into buildings and at Tribal events," Lane said. "Also, there is value in being able to carry in your car or on your person on Tribal lands."

"Most people want to conceal carry while out on Tribal lands with their families," LaChance said. "Under most circumstances, members would not have a need to carry concealed into Tribal buildings or the casino."

The application can be accessed on the Tribal website,, under the Tribal Police shortcut.

For more information about obtaining a Tribal concealed carry permit, contact the Grand Ronde Police Department at 503-879-1821.