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Tribal Council makes several appointments to SEBs, committees

04.11.2013 Ron Karten Tribal Council

Tribal Council made several appointments and re-appointments to Tribal committees and special event boards at its Wednesday, April 10, meeting.

Tribal Council either appointed or re-appointed the following Tribal members:

  • Kimberly Contreras to the Cultural Trust Board;
  • Ferrell DeGarmo, Kevin Simmons and Betty Bly to the Culture Committee;
  • Alton Butler, Tracy Moreland, Leslie Riggs and Brenda Tuomi to the Education Committee;
  • Dale Langley and Robert Nagel to the Fish and Wildlife Committee;
  • Anna Hannan and Janet Phillips to the Health Committee;
  • Dana Ainam and Kalene Contreras to the Powwow Special Event Board;
  • Dale Langley to the Rodeo Special Event Board;
  • Eva Simmons and Jenny Sanchez to the Social Services Committee;
  • Kimberly Campbell, Janet Giddings, Sharon Hanson, Joann Mercier and Michael Mercier to the Election Board;
  • Sharon Freund, Sharon Hanson and Robert Schmid to the Enrollment Committee;
  • And Alton Butler, Jerry George and Richard Ray to the Timber Committee.

In other action, Tribal Council voted to hire Automated Election Services to provide technical support services for Tribal elections and held a first reading on amendments to the Budget and Appropriated Ordinance that would, among other things, require budget hearings to be recorded and make those recordings available to General Council and Tribal staff.

Tribal Council also adopted a resolution supporting inclusion of funding for an Indian education specialist in the state Department of Education's budget. The specialist would develop and implement culturally responsive and accurate curriculum about Oregon's nine federally recognized Tribes in conjunction with the state's common core standards.

Included in the April 10 Tribal Council packet were four authorizations to proceed to perform work at the Tribal plankhouse.

The authorizations will permit ventilation repairs, installation of exhaust fans and a fresh air ventilation fan and piping, lighting and electrical improvements and rehabilitation of drainage and upheaval issues.

A different authorization to proceed supported sending a letter to Oregon Health and Sciences University in support of the One Sky Center, which is facing an uncertain future because of the federal sequestration issues.