Yesteryears -- Jan. 1, 2013

01.02.2013 Ron Karten History

2008 - Tribal members visited the home of Matt and Amy Roloff in Helvetia for a filming of the TLC cable channel show "Little People, Big World." The Tribe became involved when producers for the show contacted Public Affairs Director Siobhan Taylor regarding what would be an appropriate "set" for Northwest Indians. Tribal Elder Don Day and Cultural Resources Manager David Lewis built a scaled-down longhouse for the Roloffs on their farm.

2003 - Tribal member Diana Smith and her husband, David, ran the New York City Marathon. "There were participants from all corners of the globe, including international entrants from some 99 countries," Diane said.

1998 - More than 200 memory bricks were laid into place outside the new Health and Wellness Clinic. The bricks, which were a fundraiser for the Tribal Health Committee, were purchased by people to honor living and deceased family members.

1993 - The Tribe's Burial Fund Ordinance took effect on Jan. 1. The purpose of the ordinance was to establish requirements for use of the Tribe's Burial Benefit. "The Tribe recognizes the special financial burden some families suffer at the time of a family member's death and desires to provide some assistance to families with the cost of funerals." The benefit was up to a maximum $3,000 paid directly to the funeral service provider of choice.

1988 - Tribal Chairman Mark Mercier reported that the Tribe currently has committees addressing Enrollment, Hunting and Fishing, and Health. In the near future, the Tribe will create committees for Elections and Archaeology. "As the Tribe grows, the council's responsibilities also grow in many areas," he wrote. "Thus, the council needs to set up these committees to help monitor the many different activities throughout the Tribe."

Yesteryears is a look back at Tribal history in five-year increments through the pages of Smoke Signals.