Yesteryears -- July 15, 2012

07.12.2012 Ron Karten History

2007 - Tribal Elder and Vietnam veteran Steve Rife completed the 265-mile Trail of Tears walk in time to make grand entry at the Veterans' Powwow on July 7. Rife dressed in regalia made by his wife, Margie, in whose name he made the walk, and carried an eagle staff made by his sister, Tribal member Pearl Rife.

2002 - Tribal Elder Honor Day went with a Hawaiian theme. Participants were encouraged to wear tropical dresses and Hawaiian shirts during the event.

1997 - Spirit Mountain Casino employees presented the Junior Achievement curriculum in Willamina and Grand Ronde schools. Tribal members Camille Mercier and Adam Henny were pictured at Grand Ronde Elementary School with a presentation called "Watching Our Money Grow!" It was the second year that the Tribe sponsored Junior Achievement.

1992 - Smoke Signals does not have a copy of the July 1992 issue in its archive files.

1987 - JoAnn McClary was pictured as the Tribe's new Social Services researcher accompanying a story about the need for more Tribal foster homes.

Yesteryears is a look back at Tribal history in five-year increments through the pages of Smoke Signals.