Watchlist: ‘In The Dirt’

06.28.2024 Kamiah Koch Watchlist


By Kamiah Koch

Social media/digital journalist

The Navajo Nation’s reservation embraces not only its traditional Native culture, but it also has a big mountain biking culture. 

The documentary “In The Dirt” is directed by T.C. Johnson and follows retired professional cyclist Scott Nydam’s journey as he uncovers a community of passionate cyclists on the reservation. 

The “In The Dirt” documentary trailer starts out with Navajo Tribal members describing life on the reservation. Among many challenges faced on the reservation, many are bike riders with no bike shop nearby. 

“It started out with us just going around fixing bikes and it got attention” a background voice said in the trailer.

Part of it shows Native bikers on a cliff’s edge overlooking the rocky red landscape of the reservation, their hands mapping out the mountain bike trail they plan to take. Another shot shows a massive pile of bikes with someone oiling a bike chain, fixing 30 bikes in one day. 

“What we want to do is make cycling approachable,” the trailer said. “Let’s start with the kids.”

The documentary’s website said the mountain biking movement was a Native-led effort. 

 “This group of dedicated cyclists and their families have overcome countless odds to build a cycling culture that today has become the fastest-growing recreational sport on the Navajo Nation,” the website said. 

The premiere of the documentary came out in September 2023, and screenings in breweries and theaters are still being added to the schedule. 

You can find the trailer and screening schedule at