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General Council briefed on 2024 draft budget

11.06.2023 Danielle Harrison General Council


By Danielle Harrison

Smoke Signals editor

Finance Officer Chris Leno briefed Tribal members on the draft budget for calendar year 2024 during the Sunday, Nov. 5, hybrid General Council meeting held in a hybrid format at the Governance Center and on Zoom.

The draft budget portion of the meeting was held in executive session, which limits how much Smoke Signals can report on the details.

Leno’s draft budget presentation ran approximately 45 minutes and he fielded 12 questions and comments regarding next year’s Tribal spending plan.

Tribal members interested in obtaining the slides of Leno’s presentation should contact Tribal Council Chief of Staff Stacia Hernandez at or call 503-879-2304.

The November Tilixam Wawa also features a detailed look at the 2024 draft budget and adult Tribal members have until 5 p.m. Monday, Dec. 4, to submit written comments. The final 2024 budget will be adopted on or before Dec. 31. Written comments can be submitted to 9615 Grand Ronde Road, Grand Ronde, OR, 97347; or emailed to

In other action, Tribal Council Vice Chair Chris Mercier announced that the next General Council meeting will be held at 11 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 3, with a report to be determined. The meeting will again be in a hybrid format.

Kathie Levine, Ashley Tuomi, Ron Tuomi, Catrina Palachuk and Veronica Gaston won the $50 door prizes.

Lyliana Rideout, Andrea Knight and Darlene Aaron won the $100 door prizes.

Ron Tuomi and Gaston donated their winnings to the Grand Ronde Food Bank.

The non-executive session portion of the meeting can be viewed by visiting the Tribal government’s website at and clicking on the Government tab and then Videos.