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General Council briefed on investment values

10.14.2021 Danielle Harrison General Council

By Danielle Harrison

Smoke Signals staff writer

Representatives from Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc. briefed the general membership on the Grand Ronde Tribe’s investment portfolio during the General Council meeting held Sunday, Oct. 3, on the Zoom teleconferencing application.

Approximately 60 Tribal and staff members attended the meeting. The 37-minute briefing was presented in executive session, which limits how much Smoke Signals can report on the content.

Baird Director Joseph Hoon and Managing Director John Fitzgibbons made the presentation and fielded six questions from the membership after they were finished.

Tribal members who did not attend the meeting, but would like to see the presentation, should contact Tribal Council Chief of Staff Stacia Hernandez at or call 503-879-2304 to obtain a copy.

In other action, Tribal Council Vice Chair Chris Mercier announced that the next General Council meeting will be at 11 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 7 with a review of the proposed 2022 budget.

Dustin Leno, Erin Bernando, Lorena Rivera, Shelley Sneed and Simone Auger won the $50 door prizes. Perri McDaniel, Emma Leno and Leroy Good won the $100 door prizes.

The non-executive session portion of the meeting can be viewed by visiting the Tribal government’s website at and clicking on the Government tab and then Videos.