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Letters to the Editor -- Feb. 15, 2021

02.11.2021 Dean Rhodes Letters


Dear Smoke Signals:

I was so proud to hear our leader, Cheryle Kennedy, on OPB. She was so articulate, knew so much about the health issues we face and how to address them, as well as her experience over the years in dealing with different federal administrations.

She is so kind and humble, and the best representative of our people that I can imagine.

I hope she and her husband will know how much we all care about them.

Valerie Alexander

Roll No. 2274


Dear Smoke Signals:

ɫaxayam kʰanawi ɫaksta nyaka shiks pi tillixam (Hello, all my friends and family). I hope this letter finds you well and in good spirits!

Last month, the CTGR Skookum Health Assistance Program (SHAP) team mailed out a detailed individual health care status report for 2019 plus a program guideline booklet to Tribal members. In the past, I mistook SHAP as health insurance coverage and was trying to make sense of the need to seek alternate resources in order to be eligible for SHAP. Thankfully, the program guideline booklet that was included made that more clear and I appreciated the easy-to-read breakdown of services and associated costs overall for the membership and individually.

Now more than ever, I think this type of information sharing is not only needed, but appreciated and valued by members. I want to thank the staff who made it happen and for all their hard work in getting this data and materials out to all members.

I am also grateful to past leaders who had the foresight to implement this type of program for members and to our current leaders who continue to support it and many others like it to help meet the health needs of members, hayu masi.

Michael Cherry

Roll No. 1091