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Letters to the Editor -- Aug. 15, 2020

08.13.2020 Dean Rhodes Letters


Dear Smoke Signals:

Regarding the current election:

Yes, I am all for a child care center at Grand Ronde; it is a wonderful idea. But why in the world is a $60,000 study needed? That makes no sense to me. We vote for Tribal Council to have the brains to figure something like this out. So no on the ballot, but a big yes to the idea.

Secondly, it is vague to me what exactly is meant by “electronic voting.” Does it mean voting on the computer? If so, I say no. Or does it mean having electronic voting machines? If so, I say no. What exactly does it mean?

Sorry to be so obtuse. I have sent my ballot back already, but I would like to know about the “electronic voting.”

Judith Pettibone

Roll #717