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Editorial Board adopts logo for Smoke Signals

12.30.2019 Dean Rhodes Tribal employees
Graphic by Samuel Briggs III/Smoke Signals

The Grand Ronde Editorial Board voted unanimously during its Friday, Dec. 13, meeting to adopt a new logo for Smoke Signals that features a blue jay.

Blue jay is a fitting character to represent the Tribe’s independent newspaper because in oral histories it is known as a teller and conveyor of information.

“You will find stories of blue jay throughout myths and Ikanum connected to Grand Ronde,” says Cultural Resources Manager David Harrelson.

The Editorial Board – Chair Siobhan Taylor, Vice Chair Mia Prickett, Secretary Andy Jenness and members Monty Herron and Ron Karten – considered six logos designed by graphic designer Samuel Briggs III before arriving at a final decision.

The new logo debuts in the Jan. 1, 2020, edition of Smoke Signals, which has a new masthead. It uses the Trajan font, which is one of the oldest fonts known to mankind.

“This is the first significant design change we have made with the newspaper in more than 12 years,” said Editor Dean Rhodes. “However, I think the new masthead is clean, more visually appealing and more modern in its look.”

The new blue jay logo also will be used by the Editorial Board when it orders promotional materials, such as T-shirts, pens and other giveaway items.

Smoke Signals became an independent Tribal newspaper in January 2017 after the December 2016 passage of the Independent Tribal Press Ordinance. “Independent” means that although the newspaper is still funded by the Tribal government, Tribal elected officials and administrative staff cannot dictate news coverage.

The editor makes all editorial decisions and reports to the Editorial Board, which is vested with the responsibility of ensuring the newspaper operates free from undue political influence and follows the highest journalistic ethical standards.