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Letters to the Editor -- Dec. 1, 2019

11.27.2019 Dean Rhodes Letters
From left, Veronica Gaston and attorney Lance Clark. (Submiitted photo)

Dear Smoke Signals:

I am writing to thank Lake Oswego attorney Lance R. Clark, who was presented a Tribal Pendleton blanket on Wednesday, Nov. 13, for his long hard fight for seven years in getting back my Social Security benefits.

Along with the blanket, he was also presented with gift cards to Dutch Brothers and Starbucks coffee, hoodies with a Tribal logo, Spirit Mountain Casino and Willamette Falls on them, and a beaded medallion with the Oregon Duck “O” logo. He deserved all these gifts for all the hard work he did and I felt he deserved more than what Social Security gave him.

I also held a small party that included pizza, salad, fruit and cookies at the Tribal Employment Office on Wednesday afternoon. Also present were several of the 477 and Vocational Rehab workers.

Program Director Michael Herrin was one of my first caseworkers and he was presented with a handmade bow that I had made last year. Rhonda Leno was presented with a coat. Tiny Gibbons, another caseworker of mine, was presented with wind chimes and my last caseworker, Khani Shultz, was presented with a crochet blanket I had made.

This was a giveback day and huge thank you for the 477 program and my attorney.

Hayu masi to everybody who helped out in getting my Social Security back and all the support through the last seven years. Without all of you this day would not be possible.

Veronica Gaston

Roll #2332