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Smoke Signals starts own Facebook page

04.30.2018 Dean Rhodes Tribal Employees

Smoke Signals has launched its own Facebook page and will be posting its stories, photos and podcasts to that page beginning on Tuesday, May 1.

New Deputy Press Secretary Sara Thompson, who is a Tribal member, will take over administrative duties for the Tribal Council and The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Facebook pages, which were previously administered by Tribal Council Chief of Staff Stacia Hernandez and Smoke Signals Editor Dean Rhodes, respectively.

Popular features, such as photo galleries from Tribal events and links to Smoke Signals podcasts and stories, will now be featured on the newspaper’s Facebook page.

“This is part of the continuing evolution of an independent Tribal press for the Grand Ronde Tribe,” Rhodes said. “The other two Facebook pages are outlets for official Tribal government announcements and positions, while the Smoke Signals Facebook page will be a conduit of information dissemination for the independent Tribal press that was created in January 2017. This also accomplishes a goal of the Grand Ronde Editorial Board, which seeks to create a defined separation between the Tribal government and the Tribal independent press.”

Editor Dean Rhodes will be the moderator of the Smoke Signals Facebook page, which can be “friended” at

“Although I will miss having the more than 4,500 friends on the main Grand Ronde Facebook page, I am hopeful that many of them will quickly friend Smoke Signals on Facebook so that they can keep abreast of independently reported news about the Tribe,” Rhodes said. “In addition, this separate page will give us more latitude to post links of other stories about Native American Tribes and issues regionally and nationally that Tribal members might be interested in reading about.”

For more information, contact Rhodes at or call 503-879-1463.