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Letters to the Editor -- May 1, 2018

04.30.2018 Dean Rhodes Letters

Dear Smoke Signals:

Did you ever spend summers working in Independence picking hops? Did your parents or other family members work or sell their homemade items in hops camps? Do you have pictures of any hops yards?

I’m working with Independence Heritage Museum on updating their Native American exhibit. We would like to tell the story of Tribal members working in the hops fields near or in Independence throughout the early 1900s, specifically 1900 to the end of World War II.

If you ever worked in or spent summers as a child in the hops yards and would like to share your stories and photographs with us, please contact Tribal member Stephanie Craig or Museum Assistant Shannon Cockayne at

Stephanie Craig

Roll #1458


Dear Smoke Signals:

April showers brought May flowers! Last year, I attended the Wellness Program’s Mother’s Day Tea and experienced a wonderful afternoon. The time and effort in the event was beyond thoughtful. The Wellness staff showed such love and respect in their preparations. I really appreciated the beautiful results of the decorations and kindness of the Wellness staff.

I urge all mothers to attend the 2018 Mother’s Day Tea on May 12 at the Grand Ronde Tribal Community Center. Make a joyful memory for years to come. Please call the Wellness Program to verify the date, time and location. You won’t regret it.

Wilma Fenwick

Tribal spouse