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233 Willamina Elementary students recognized for April attendance

05.31.2017 Dean Rhodes Education

To be one of the 233 Willamina Elementary School students honored at the Wednesday, May 17, April Attendance Reward Night Jamboree held in the Tribal gym, a student had to either have perfect or outstanding attendance.

Perfect means “perfect” – no missed school days, tardies or early pick-ups during the month.

Outstanding was only slightly less stringent – only one missed day, tardy or early pick-up during the month.

Approximately 47 percent of Willamina Elementary students – 233 out of 495 – achieved either perfect or outstanding attendance in April, which earned the student and their entire family an invitation to the jamboree put on by the Tribal Attendance Pilot Project.

According to Tribal Attendance Family Advocate Rebecca Arredondo, attendees to the event were greeted by Education Department Manager Leslie Riggs, Youth Education Administrative Assistant Amber Yates, K5 Tutor/Adviser Lead Kyla Evenson and Willamina Elementary staff member Beth Bailey, who signed them in and gave them a raffle ticket.

A table of activities was staffed by Kandee Little, Darlene Aaron and Tammy Leno from the Health & Wellness Center and attendees received a free dinner of hot dogs, apples, baby carrots, chips, punch and water prepared by Willamina School District Nutrition Specialist Lynne Shore. The meal was served by Family Services Coordinator Audra Sherwood, Higher Education Manager Bryan Langley and K5 Tutor/Adviser George Neujahr.

Youth were able to jump in two bouncy houses rented from Portland Party Works and face painting was offered.

There also were coloring sheets set on some tables for parents and children and a photo booth set up on stage from Willamette Photo Booths took a strip of four photos with the words “April Attendance Reward Night, May 17, 2017” written at the bottom.

About $2,200 worth of raffle prizes, including toys and games, books, Kindle readers and grocery and gas cards, were given away to approximately 76 people.

Arredondo was helped by Youth Education Program Manager Tim Barry and Recreation Coordinator Harris Reibach in organizing and putting on the event, which attracted about 350 attendees.

Honored students were:


Kindergarten: Allayna Ashley-Sheker, Tiberius Bailey, Joshua Balthaser, Nikolai Cabebe, Melanie Carr, Quincy Clemans, Briar Clemmer, Devin Doar, Zacheriah Gray, Cohlman Hubbell, Keylee Manley, Auburn Mercier, Macie Murdock, Elizabeth Neese, Joshua Patterson and John Emmett Scarbrock-Edson.

First grade: Micah Bruckner, Owen Campbell, Justin Cummings, Riya Daligdig, Libby Ellingson, Antonio Emery, Cloey Freeman, Mali’La Grefsrud-Norwest, Alexzander Hill, Elyse Johnson, Tobias Justman, Jordan Kittelman, Ashton Mankins, Bridgette Manley, Bowen McGuire, Bailey Murphy, Tristan Newton, Edward Pike, Vanessa Springer, Wren Stone, Destiny Taylor and Carly Wertz.

Second grade: Ezri Bailey, Haylee Barker, Daniel Carr, Grace Christian, Redsky Clawson, Aven Cox, Hailey Cummings, Joseph Goodwin, Laila Holsclaw, Makenzy Hoopingarner, Wyatt Hubbell, Konner Hyatt, Jacob Johnson, Samuel Lancour-Joles, Aliya Many Hides, Trenten Pickard, Trinity Rose, Presley Savage, Eliana Schmid, Bryson Smith, William Stone and Nicholas Thayer.

Third grade: Matthew Atherton, Paige Baker, Billy Carr, Ryan Collier, Cody Davis, Francis Eddy, Nevaeh Fisher, Chenoa Freeman, Deann Goleman, Travesia Gomez, Coben Hibdon, William Holbrook, Kyleigh Johnson, Michael Lanchester, Evan Loika, Kenton McGuire, Sophia Ortiz, Chloe Reed, Jacob Sanders, Aurora Scoyne and Wyatt Warnicke.

Fourth grade: Alejandro Arenas, Zoe Brewer, Katherine Conner Burks, Abigail Carr, Finnian Clemans, Nichole Goodwin, Makyajay Grefsrud-Norwest, Carson Healey, Tandalyn McKenna, Madison Oelhafen, Jaxon Olhausen, Laney Skyberg, Michael Smith and Colton Walters.

Fifth grade: Adam Atherton, Taylor Brooks, Ashley Clyde, Kaleb Cruickshank, Mikalie Floyd, Dylan Graham, Jaylynn Hibdon, Rhianna Many Hides, Michael Moore, Morgan Moore, Michael Nolen, Olivia Sanders, Andres Segundo, Jose Segundo, Annabelle Vanhorn and Jazmyn Waller.

Sixth grade: Gabriela Arenas, Lewis Bliven, David Cooper, Christopher Ellingson, Zander Marmon, Mason Mercier, Elijah Rocco, Amber Saddoris, Cody Scott and Colin Whitmore.


Kindergarten: Gracie Brown, Dominick Cavan Delapena, Kekona Cumberland, Brayden Fox, Lane Gallagher, Logan Kneeland, Alexander Morris-Emerson, Kayden O’Leary, John Plummer, Paisley Risseeuw, Hunter Robinette, Dylan Smith, William Terbush, Emery Warnicke and Libby Warnicke.

First grade: Tamra Beasley, Satara Blanchard, Benjamin Carr, Heidi Clyde, Kashaya Denham, Maxwell Dunn, Anessa Franks, Riley LaChapelle, Belle Lehnherr, Cicily McKenna, Bridgit Milliren, Annalivia Saldivas, Logan Walters and Devon Wilcox.

Second grade: Max Baller, Rylee Bishop, Jayce Cavan Delapena, Logan Clark, Issac Emery, Integrity Gunder, Aleena Leno, Nacoma Liebelt, Tristan Mankins, Ke’Lani Martinez, Lillian Matocha, June McCracken, Nakaya Mercier, Natilynn Mercier, Ben Moore, Ethan Owings, Allison Perez, Reanna Powley, Hanna Reed, Landon Risseeuw, Preston Taylor and Jace Warnicke.

Third grade: Bodhi Baller, Juliana Justman, Leah Longley, Asher Maxwell, Michaeli Mercier, Daniel Mestas, Laura Moore, Trey Norton, Chance Patton, Lyliana Rideout, Joshua Rocco, Kayleigh Saddoris, Kisor Savage and Alexander Stephens.

Fourth grade: Evelyn Anderson, Emilia Arguello-Plemmons, Samantha Bearface, David Cabrera, Julia Cabrera, Ezra Dattage, Baylee Dumarce, Ava Fagundes, Kylie Gandy, Connor Gustin, Evan Kyllonen, Grace Lancour-Joles, Bayleigh Leno, Haley Maerz, Steven Mehr, Gracie Mercier, Kaya Moreno, Nicholas Oden, Alex Perez, John Quinones, Landon Shrabel and Raquel Whiffen.

Fifth grade: Connor Clifford, Kazsia Connelly, Keilana Daligdig, Gracie Dunn, Gavin Dunwoody, Matthew Eddy, Ryan Goleman, Tiffany Lanchester, Alexia Loucks, Ben Powley, Blake Sanchez, Ashley Taylor and Makenna Thomas.

Sixth grade: Brooklyn Bailey, Kai Connelly, Miguel Correa-Guzman, Skyler Fowler, Kyle Herod, Bryanah Lopez, Aryana Murphy-LaChance, Mo Scott, Annie Shafer, Sarai Weeks, Alexis Wertz and Anthoney Whiffen.