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Oregon residents can now have income tax withheld from payments

03.09.2017 Dean Rhodes State Government



The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde recently implemented a process that will allow all Tribal Members who reside in the State of Oregon the option of requesting Oregon State income tax withholdings from their Per Capita and Elders Benefit payments. Information regarding this option was mailed to all Oregon resident Tribal Members the week of March 6th.


While recognizing we have Tribal Members who currently reside throughout the 50 states, we will not be offering the State income tax withholding option to Tribal Members who reside outside the State of Oregon at this time. The administrative time, costs, and reporting requirements to implement the option in all states would be very expensive. This is the main contributing factor in our decision not to offer the option outside the State of Oregon.


There are a couple of options for Tribal Members who wish to set-aside money in order to cover any potential year-end State tax liability.

  • Tribal Members aged 18 and over can defer a portion of their Per Capita payments to their adult savings plan. That money would be available to withdraw from your savings plan as needed. Please note – this option is not available for Elders’ payments. Money cannot be deferred to the adult savings plan from Elder payments.

  • Open a regular savings account at a bank or credit union and set-aside money throughout the year for your use as needed.

  • Check with your state’s taxing authority to determine if you are able to pay “estimated” taxes throughout the year, which could reduce the amount you are required to pay at year-end.


We encourage you to seek advice from your tax accountant or CPA, should you have any questions about your specific State tax liability.