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Letters to the Editor-- March 1, 2017

02.28.2017 Dean Rhodes Letters

Dear Smoke Signals:

Ellen Diane (Bean) Fischer was the daughter of Fremond Francis Bean and Lavern Hosford. Ellen was the granddaughter of Thomas Bean and Margaret (Maggie Menard) Bean.

My lovely mother passed away Dec. 6, 2016.

During the time of her passing there were so many wonderful and thoughtful people who came to visit, bringing with them peace, contentment and happiness for her. Each person calmed her spirit and reassured her heart was paramount to all who adored and loved her. Thank you all so much for participating in the providing of tender comfort for her.

She is around us still, in our memories and in our souls.

Peace to all of you who care deeply and are in transition yourself, such are many. I believe in the afterlife, as did Ellen. We may all plan to again experience the comfort of our connection with her someplace, someday, someway.

The Bean family appreciates the support and tokens of affection that all of you have shared with us. The stories and compassion we all enjoyed so much, and we hope that more will be shared and that her life will continue to be celebrated.

As an educator, Ellen impacted many lives. She had a soft strength about her, continually encouraging others while setting a wonderful example herself. Like Ellen (Roll #13), we should all strive to become intelligent, courteous and helpful.

Much love to our Tribe, family and friends.


Kimberly A. Campbell

Roll #1492