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Letters to the Editor - Feb. 15, 2016

02.12.2016 Dean Rhodes Letters

Dear Smoke Signals:

Most important is I want to thank the Tribe for weathering the economic downturn and the wonderful per capita in December. That takes leadership!

The greyhound park purchase sounds like a good investment. Again I would say that takes leadership. MicroGREEN didn’t turn out so well, but we are moving forward.

Next, I want to say because the Tribe is doing well with the Constitution and rules that we have now, I would like to be very cautious in any change that would lessen the number of people required to make any significant change. Any change proposed for a vote I would like to see clearly presented. That is why I voted for the agency to administer our votes.

I also would echo Rex D. Haller’s letter in the Jan. 1 issue. Haller says, “When leaders push for the membership to vote on bundled enrollment proposals, I do have to question the reasoning behind it. Why not just make it easy and separate matters?”

We are not the federal government where they put all kinds of issues on a bill. We can take the time and separate issues. I don’t care for “bundling” when candidates for Tribal Council do it. I believe it is better to evaluate each candidate on their qualifications not just because they are friends with someone else running. The same goes for issues.

Thank you for a platform to express my opinion. Best wishes for good health and prosperity to all Tribal members and Tribal staff for this new year.

Judith Pettibone

Roll #717