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Letters to the Editor - Sept. 1, 2015

08.31.2015 Dean Rhodes Letters

Dear Smoke Signals:

My name is Michael Wible. I’m currently serving 30 months in prison. I understand my actions put me here and I blame no one but myself.

After reading the article in Smoke Signals about Danny Freeman and his success, it filled me with inspiration for I myself worked with TERO and the 477 employment program. I worked on the food bank, powwow and other odd jobs. And I’m forever thankful for the opportunity they gave me to work and succeed. Unfortunately, I relapsed and found myself not only in prison but trespassed off the Reservation.

With a release date of June 29, 2017, I’m hoping to complete as many programs as I can, not only to be clean and sober, but to have trade and work experience to offer a future employer. There are still a few months until my release, but I’m hoping enough time will pass so my trespass will be lifted so I, too, could come home to my friends and family.

Today I thank the Tribe for everything they ever helped me with: GED and employment. It felt good to be a part of the food bank project; it swelled my heart with pride, knowing I was a part of it. And I really hope I could be a part of Grand Ronde’s future. And I can’t wait to show you how much I appreciate all you’ve done with my success upon my release. Congratulations Mr. Freeman.

Michael Wible

Roll #1680