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Letters to the Editor -- April 1, 2015

03.31.2015 Dean Rhodes Letters

Dear Smoke Signals:

Having had the honor of receiving Smoke Signals for nearly a year, beginning with the June 15, 2014, issue, I have truly been enlightened in the areas of Termination, Restoration and other areas of concern for our Native American Tribes of North America.

I am of the Lakota, Alabama and Coushatta Tribes and an Elder of the Native American Church where many are just learning how to walk the red road in the true medicine wheel way.

With our Tribal jurisdiction encompassing several counties of east Texas, it must be coincidence that both of our Tribes’ reservations are situated in Polk County, Texas, and your Polk County, Oregon.

In any coincidental events after reading the Feb. 15, 2015, issue where opinion was given in the debate and vote of Tribal issues, I felt a need to write and state that while I am not an official spokesman for any Tribal governments, having worked with numerous agencies where such issues as term limitation for council members, popular voting by Tribal members in the areas of Tribal constitutions as the amendments thereof, and even in the removal of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), I must convey that I will be looking forward in seeing the results of such process.

I want to thank Brenda Tuomi, Roll No. 1438, for her input on matters before the Tribes as it is true that for democracy to be effectively beneficial for all Tribal members, the vote and debate process must be exercised by each member of a Tribe or citizen of our community.

Keep up the good work of printing the opinions of each member who are for, as well as those who are against, as this gives those of us who are readers from other Tribes insight as to what each Tribal system and populace has to encounter and overcome in order to make Tribal governments beneficial to each member of each respective Tribe.

Should you opt to print my name and address in likelihood that my letter is published, then feel free to do so as I at this time correspond with numerous Tribes, Tribal leaders and others who I’ve known from past association and counseling in legal procedures that pertain to the freedoms denied many Native Americans whether incarcerated or free.

Again, let me thank you for the subscription as your publication is very informative in an educational and professional style.

Howard Carson

Navasota, Texas

Alabama-Coushatta Roll #1538


Dear Smoke Signals:

I want to thank everyone for coming and helping me celebrate my 103rd birthday.

I received so many beautiful plants and flowers, plus a vase full of chocolate-covered strawberries, which were delicious.

Once again, thank you everyone for making 103 years very special.

Pearl Lyon

Roll #3662