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Letters to the Editor -- Jan. 1, 2015

12.31.2014 Dean Rhodes Letters

Dear Smoke Signals:

Season greetings from our Grand Ronde Royalty. We wish everyone a prosperous New Year. We would like to thank everyone who has supported the Royalty Court throughout the year.

Our support from Tribal programs and also the girls’ parents and sponsors, including Spirit Mountain Casino and our Tribal Council, Veterans Royalty, Dakota Whitecloud for her generous donations, Margaret Provost, Social Services, Prevention and so many more.

Many blessings to all of our Tribal members. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

Promise Rimer
Roll #4891

Dear Smoke Signals:

A big thank you to the community for coming together for the Tree Lighting. Jack Giffen Jr., who is such a trooper for being Santa, Lisa Leno, Dave Fullerton, Shannon Stanton, all Youth Prevention. Thank you, Youth Education – Kendra, Tiffany, Kevin Simmons for all you do!

The Culture Committee, a big thank you, too! Jon A. George and Denise Harvey, thank you also for helping with our vision of Christmas tree lights in Grand Ronde for the community.

If I missed anyone, thank you, too!

Merry Christmas.

Linda Brandon
Roll #42