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Letters to the Editor -- Oct. 1, 2014

09.30.2014 Ron Karten Letters

Dear Smoke Signals:

I have recently retired from working at The Clothes Closet and wanted to thank everyone who participated in this worthwhile project.

Almost 10 years ago, Wink and I watched kids walking to school with no coats on. We talked to Anna White and Dee West, and with the help of Chris Leno and Mike Larsen were allowed to open The Clothes Closet in the old Garden House.

After a few months it had become too small and again with the help of Chris and Mike we were allowed to move into the Rodeo Board office. Thanks to Bud White, who worked many hours helping us set up shelves and move the chests and racks that we either brought from home or bought. Chris Leno also donated a used washer and dryer and we then didn't have to take home clothes that needed washing.

This has been one of the most worthwhile projects I have ever worked with. The people of Grand Ronde and Tribal members from Tribal Council, the clinic, Education, Eugene, Portland and the surrounding areas donated clothes over the years. I found that our community is very caring and giving.

The clients that come to The Clothes Closet range from homeless to those looking for professional clothes so they can start a job, clothes to wear for church, and new or soon-to-be mothers. When school starts The Clothes Closet is very busy outfitting kids for school from shoes, socks, dresses, pants, shirts and school bags. We even open on off days if someone needs clothes for a funeral or wedding. Warm coats are also another big thing. It never ceases to amaze me that when someone needs something special they usually find it here.

I would also like to thank Matt Bucknell, Education and the children's families for the many years that Matt has organized the Socktoberfest. People are so thankful to get a brand new pair of socks. 

Thank you everyone who has participated in giving to The Clothes Closet. I cannot tell you how thankful the clients are for what they receive. My hope is that The Clothes Closet or something of this nature can continue in Grand Ronde as there is a great need for this type of service.

Thank you Anna, Dee, Bud, Laurie, Ronee and Danielle for making this a success.

Kathy Soderberg

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