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Letters to the Editor -- June 1, 2014

05.29.2014 Ron Karten Letters

Tribal Council, fellow Tribal members and friends:

My father, Charles Gordon "Two Feathers" Haller, was on this Earth for 69 years, was part of my life for 41 years and was in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit for 21 days. I won't even pretend to know the impact he made on so many people during all of this time, but I know it was powerful, I know it was enduring and I know it was valued. Generous, happy, strong, relaxed and proud are the words that most tell me when remembering my father, and I agree with all of them.

I would like to thank the Social Services Department for working so quickly and professionally with my family members who stayed with him at Providence St. Vincent Hospital in Portland, and facilitating family to come in from other states to attend his funeral service and interment. I would also like to thank the Member Benefits Department for assisting in the funeral service and interment logistics.

I would also like to thank Tribal Council for making a personal donation to family members who were struggling to stay with him in hospital due to the extensive costs involved. And lastly, I would like to thank all Tribal members, friends and family for their support, and attending his service and showing your respect and love for a man who truly deserved both.

With indescribable gratitude and respect from the entire Haller family, thank you!

Charles G. Haller II

Roll #1032

Dear Smoke Signals:

Our family would like to thank everyone who helped us through the recent loss of our dad (grandfather, great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather), Allen "Biff" Langley Sr.

To our relatives, far and near, who came to comfort us and show their love. To all those who so thoughtfully brought food, prayers, hugs, shared stories, tears and laughter, thank you. To those who helped with the undertaker duties, helped with cleansing of the home, gave advice, performed military services, brought flowers, assisted at the gravesite, honored his life with songs and services at the home and shared meals with us so we would not be alone in our time of sorrow, thank you.

We also thank the Warm Springs Tribe and the Grand Ronde Tribe for their kind assistance. Thank you to those who helped to care for him, family, friends, medical personnel, doctors and nurses - you made it possible for him to live in his home until his departure, just as he wanted.

It was a time of grief and joy because it brought our family together. We will gather again next year for a memorial. Thank you, again, to everyone.

The children and grandchildren

of Allen "Biff" Langley Sr.

Roll #926