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Letters to the Editor -- April 15, 2014

04.14.2014 Ron Karten Letters

Dear Smoke Signals:

I was very happy to read in the Land & Cultural Corner section of the March 15 issue that the department is working on a Chinuk Wawa teaching app. Since I live quite a distance from Oregon, I've been wishing for some kind of online classes in regards to our language, history and culture. I hope this app is just the beginning of such opportunities for those of us who live in other parts of the country.

I think that even making how-to DVDs available for sale with regards to making traditional items with all the significant historical information would be well received. I know that I would be interested! Even information about traditional hunting and gathering would be interesting to see and learn about.

Thank you for your informative publication, and please pass along my suggestions to the appropriate people.

Brenda Hughey

Roll #2735

Dear Smoke Signals:

I would like to express my appreciation to my awesome daughter, Kathy Coley, who initiated the surprise party and to tell all those involved who helped me celebrate my 90th birthday at the Round Dance here in Grand Ronde on March 28, 2014.

What a thrill and pleasant surprise to:

  • Hear the kind words offered by Deitz Peters;
  • Hear more of the same from Bobby Mercier;
  • Ken Scabbyrobe, emcee, requested all present to sing the "Birthday" song followed by all the drummers and singers;
  • Be ever grateful to all those members from my "Tribal family" (Beryle Contreras, Ed Larsen, Jenny and husband, Laura Gleason) and all the others who came to stand with me, especially since all my family couldn't be there;
  • Always will remember the beautiful cake with candles all lit and waiting for me to blow them out;
  • Have a special memory of all those who came by with their hugs and well wishes. I also want to thank my family and friends for all the cards and letters;
  • Again, say a big thank you with love to my daughter, Kathy, who initiated the idea and convinced all those involved to keep it a secret;
  • And be ever grateful to the Creator for allowing me to live these many years.

A grateful Elder,

Kathryn Harrison

Roll #237