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Letters to the Editor -- July 15, 2013

07.15.2013 Ron Karten Letters

Dear Smoke Signals:

I tell the truth, and I expose myself as a weak, misguided, misdirected, dysfunctional true blood I used to be.

Blood is thicker than water. Blood, the true bond of connection for creating a future of honesty, diligence, respect, pride, perseverance, patience, modesty, bravery, loyalty and hope to continue with great spirit, the real culture of our Indian nation, true blood nation.

True blood holds the key, the fortress and strength for the timeless ways of patterns, the proper relationship and behavior among the true bloods, animals and importantly our creator.

Our ancestors, true bloods, found harmony with the principles, laws and values of our culture's way of life by evolving like the seasons with opportunity of knowing that as an Indian nation, true blood nation, we can overcome our own aggressions.

Responsibilities to our Indian nation, true blood nation, do not belong in the hands of a privileged few. To live and know that accountability for creating an Indian nation, true blood nation, by which one can foresee that by dishonesty, greed, weakness of bravery and loyalty that only destruction of an Indian nation, true blood nation, tragically disconnects the true purpose.

So what will remain … wanna-bes.

Sonya L. Connelly

Roll #2327

Dear Smoke Signals:

We would like to thank the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde for choosing to sponsor the Willamina Logging Show. It was such an honor to have Elder Ed Larsen present sharing personnel pictures documenting his years of experience on the job. Especially hearing tales of his time spent working on the Long Bell landing bridged the gap for some of the younger generation who only know of today's Long Bell Diner. It was a pleasure to foster these connections, enabling folks to learn more about our community and the cultural heritage that has shaped life today.

Siobhan Taylor and Julie Brown absolutely enhanced the Logging Show experience with an incredible display and the legendary "Misery whip." Their presentation was greatly appreciated by many of the spectators.

This event grows a little each year in an effort to illustrate the immeasurable range this natural resource offers our daily life.  From the portable sawmill to the 1948 Mahl; from Pape's 2013 792 Feller Buncher to Jesse Leavitt's incredible chain saw art.

RootJack revved the crowd with their poignant lyrics of life in the Pacific North woods. The youngest contestant, Miss Chloe, wowed the crowd with her innate lumberjack skills and Mr. Floyd Rosenbalm was awarded a saw bar in appreciation for his lifelong service to logging the Pacific Northwest.

We are humbled by your support and appreciation of the Willamina Logging Show. It is our pleasure to provide awareness and honor to these hard-working men and women with an event that dates back to at least 1922 when the Timber Carnival was held at Valley Junction.

Anyone who is interested in joining the committee or volunteering for next year, please contact us at 503-550-0923 or

Thank you.

Whistle Punk Adventures