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Letters to the Editor - Jan. 1, 2012

12.29.2011 Ron Karten Letters

Dear Smoke Signals:

Happy New Year's to everyone.

I want to thank all the Elders who brought toys and blankets to the Elders Christmas Party.

Jolanda Catabay, thank you for the karaoke entertainment and Steve Hudson for singing also.

Michelle Alaimo, you are such a trooper with the pictures for our Elders events! Jack Giffen Jr., thank you for being Santa on short notice for us; love you!!

Kristy DeLoe, Kevin Campbell, Mike Burton and Misty, thank you for cooking and baking for us.

Bonnie and staff, thank you also for your help.

Deitz and Rose Peters, thank you for decorating the Elders place this year.

Thank you all who helped with the Elders party. You're all great.

Thank you all for coming. Hope you had a good time.

P.S. I would like to say thank you to Dean Rhodes for the beautiful picture of grandma and I in the calendar.

Linda Brandon

Roll #42