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Letters to the Editor - Nov. 15, 2011

11.14.2011 Ron Karten Letters

Dear Smoke Signals:

I am writing a letter in great concern for our Tribal members who work at the casino. In the past few years, I've noticed that a lot of our Tribal members are getting treated poorly and not being hired full-time.

My son, who went through the blackjack class successfully, had to wait over six months to be hired, and then only part-time because he never knew all the games.

The casino was created to help all Tribal members to better themselves, but working part-time they cannot even pay bills and rent, much less improve their lives.

I would like to know why these things are happening. It's very discouraging to all Tribal members because they also lose out on the casino's benefits (medical, PTO time-off).

Victor Cureton

Roll #104

Dear Smoke Signals:

I would like to thank the Sheridan Correctional Facility and its staff for the Nov. 9 "Tribute to Our Veterans" event.

Thank you to Warden Jeff Thomas and the rest of his staff for honoring local veterans in the West Valley since 1999.

Gene LaBonte

Roll #348

Carl Lambert

Dear Smoke Signals:

To the many, many people who helped, who were there for us during our time of loss: We cannot thank you enough. There are not enough words to convey our appreciation for all of the special touches added to the celebration of Nora Kimsey's life.

We thank you each and every individual person for all of the beautiful flowers and all of your special thoughts and prayers.

Foremost, we thank our Tribal Council for respectfully honoring Nora Kimsey and her 102 years of loving and caring for our Tribe and the vast growth we continually lived through since relocation. From dirt roads, to plank roads, to graveled roads, to paved roads, even a highway and now sidewalks. From the small trailer located on the cemetery grounds, our original land base, to every building and every piece of land in our holdings today.

Lots of special thanks go to Kristi DeLoe and the cooks and kitchen help. Also, Bonnie Tom and the Wellness staff and servers. Thank you to the Elders and Culture committees and to everyone who helped set up and take down tables and chairs and those who helped clean up.

Thank you to the singers, the speakers, the drummers and the several hundreds of people who celebrated Nora Kimsey's life.

Margaret Provost

and all of Nora's family

Roll #645