Community Fund seeks Ye? lan Lima award nominations

10.31.2011 Ron Karten Spirit Mountain Community Fund

Spirit Mountain Community Fund (SMCF) frequently celebrates the success and remarkable achievements of nonprofits located within our 11 county service area. However, not often enough do individuals within these inspiring organizations receive the recognition they deserve.  So, in 2010 SMCF introduced our first Ye? lan Lima Award initiative and announced the first two award winners. The Ye? lan Lima award originates from a common Native American interpretation of the open hand symbol, as illustrated at the right, signifying human work or achievement.  We recognize that among the exemplars of a thriving organization a common ingredient leading to success is the dedication, commitment, and unwavering effort of individuals.

Our search for this year's Ye? lan Lima Award winners require your assistance by identifying someone who's courageous, innovative, and unprecedented efforts as well as their sustained excellence of performance demand recognition.  It may be a co-worker, peer, or someone you know that is affiliated with a partner nonprofit organization. We hope you will assist us in finding that one special "helping hand" person in your organization or community by sending us your nomination.

Accordingly, SMCF announces that nomination letters for the this year's  Ye? lan Lima Award are being solicited and due by November 30, 2011. There are two separate award categories: The first is for a paid non-management staff person and the second is for a non-paid volunteer person.

The criteria for a nominee include one or more of the following qualities:

  • Exhibits style and influence to motivate those with whom they interact.
  • Performs work tasks in an exemplary manner that inspire others to excel.
  • Consistently demonstrates outstanding conduct and performance of duties.
  • Demonstrated dedication, superior reliability and cooperation in achieving the mission, goals, and objectives of the nonprofit organization of which they are employed or volunteer.  

Award Rules:

  1. The nomination letter is limited to one page (typed, 12 pt. min.) and not exceed 250 words.
  2. The nomination letter must be received (not post marked) by 5:00 p.m., November 30, 2011. Nomination letters may be emailed (preferred), faxed, or mailed.
  3. Nomination letters must include a recent color photo of the nominee (.jpeg format preferred).
  4. Nomination letter must specify whether the nominee is either;
    1. A paid non-management staff person, or
    2. A non-paid volunteer person.
  5. Nominee must be currently working in the nonprofit sector & serving within SMCF's 11 county service area.
  6. All materials submitted will become the property of SMCF and will not be returned.
  7. Persons may not nominate themselves or their family members.
  8. Previous Helping Hand award winners are ineligible to be nominated.

Each of the two award recipients will receive a distinctive recognition award, a complimentary dinner for two and one night stay at Spirit Mountain Lodge & Casino, located in Grand Ronde, Oregon, plus a $500 cash gift.  

If you have questions, please contact Louis King (503) 879-1462 or email: