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Community Input meeting held May 1

05.12.2011 Ron Karten General Council

By Kim Rogers

Tribal Planning & Grants manager

Following the May 1 General Council meeting, the Tribe held its 2011 Community Input meeting in the Tribal gym in Grand Ronde.

Thirty-one people attended, including six Tribal Council members and five assigned staff.

The Tribe uses Community Input meetings for planning and grants, such as Indian Community Development Block and Administration for Native Americans grants.

The meeting started with a brief overview regarding recent community development activities, current projects and projects planned for 2011.

One end of the Tribal gym featured banners highlighting the 1985 Reservation Plan and the 1995 and 2010 Strategic Plans, and several banners highlighted time periods from the original reservation, Termination, Restoration and then development every five years thereafter, including land acquisition maps, total Tribal membership and photos of development projects.

After the presentation, Tribal members broke into discussion groups on Tribal services and economic development. Suggestions from the two groups focused on improved recreational activities and facilities for youth and the community.

The need for transition services and counseling for Tribal members and for improved services for Elders also were expressed.

Economic interests included economic diversification, a grocery store and interest in using Tribal lands to grow or raise food for use at Spirit Mountain Casino.

Only one Community Input meeting was held this year because of budget constraints.